Aanvy approaches Application Architecture Security Reviews holistically. Our team looks at all of the interwoven components that make up an enterprise application architecture, including the systems and infrastructure that enable the application's availability. Designing and maintaining applications, systems, and a network infrastructure based on security standards and best practices protects organizations from attack, reduces risk, and maintains compliance implicitly with virtually any standard, regulation, or law..




Provides an analysis of currently deployed application, system, and network architectures

Can provide an analysis of proposed application, system, and network architectures

Identifies weaknesses and provides recommendations that reduce the attack surface

Enables organizations to meet compliance requirements




Architecture Review and Tech Roadmap

In this ever evolving tech world it is critical to have right Tech Stack to realize business goals. Aanvy SMEs has been helping companies establish right Tech Stack built for future.

Process Setup and Training

Our TDD approach ensures that quality is not lost in the race to achieve accelerated time to market. Aanvy team has been helping clients setup tool enforced processes and guidelines to ensure quality delivery.



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