Understanding the coding in software engineering projects provides benefits to software engineering leads, delivery teams, project managers and the organization overall. Well understood and good coding practices that adhere to industry standards ensures that team members can understand how to work within your applications which is key for companies that want to continue to grow and accelerate delivery.

Good coding in software engineering also helps to prevent errors, control complexity and improve the maintainability of applications.




Worried about the coding in your software?

Aanvy can help you review and understand your code to find errors or security risks – schedule a code review today.



Coding Level

We help Your teams to create and deploy highly maintainable and reliable code

Coding Standards

  • Establish coding standards & documentation
  • Configure tools to enforce standards
  • Train the team on coding guidelines

Code Review

  • Establish code review process and standards
  • Leverage SCM tools to enforce the code review process
  • Train the team to follow strict code review process and guidelines

Test/Code Coverage

  • Create Unit Test Framework customized for tech stack
  • Leverage tools to enforce code coverage and unit test
  • Create unit test quality gates for bulids

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